Soil Recycling

In addition to our professional services and contracting capabilities, DLS Group operates a number of soil recycling facilities. These facilities biologically treat soils impacted from both fuel and transformer spills, as well as those soils generated through Brownfield redevelopment. Soil once destined to take up valuable space within our landfills can now be diverted for beneficial reuse back on agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Utilizing Biocell technology with microbes native to our environment, these facilities have the capacity to treat more than 370,000 tonnes of soil annually and provide its customers with an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposing of hydrocarbon impacted soils in landfills.

These specialized facilities divert and recycle petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils that would typically be destined to take up space in our public and private landfills. The treatment process is 100% recycling with all treated soil going back for reuse on residential/agricultural or commercial/industrial properties. With unloading times averaging less than 10 minutes and tipping fees that are equal to, or less than those rates charged by landfills, these soil facilities provide an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to landfills. Using soil recycling can reduce the required haulage in half and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your project.

Allow DLS to help you manage your petroleum impacted soil. Call us for more information on how we can help you.


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