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Our Mission is simple: to be your trusted partner, committed to the restoration of contaminated sites for our stakeholders. Through every step of the assessment and remediation process, the specialists at DLS Group will be there with you.

We have developed comprehensive remediation services incorporating the identification of all possible contamination and thorough recording and reporting of required government documentation. From Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, through complete Brownfield site remediation and restoration, DLS Group has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, resulting in peace of mind and savings for our clients.

In addition to being a recognized industry leader in the remediation of residential fuel oil spills, we have the appropriate staffing, expertise, and technologies available for handling the environmental remediation of a variety of contaminants. Our continual growth and experience in the environmental industry enables us to deliver exceptional service to the client.  We have the necessary prerequisite expertise and technologies available in house to cost effectively remediate both large and small sites.

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