Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, we encourage you to contact us with any others you might have.

Who is the DLS Group?
DLS Group (DLS) is an environmental engineering firm and remediation contractor. We specialize in the remediation of residential oil spills and other related environmental emergencies. We have completed more than 4,500 remediation projects since 1996 and are, therefore, highly qualified to help you deal with your spill. DLS is a fully integrated company staffed by qualified environmental technicians, geoscientists, engineers, and experienced support staff.

What should we expect over the course of the cleanup?
No two spills are ever the same. However, there are a number of measures that are common to spill cleanups, and are likely to be required over the course of the project. These measures include excavation of impacted soil, installation of monitoring wells, removal of contaminated building materials, periodic sampling of the soil and groundwater, and the installation of a Contaminated Water Treatment System (CWTS)  for the management of groundwater. Your project manager will explain each of these measures, should they be necessary.

How long will the cleanup take?
There is no precise formula to determine exactly how long a cleanup will take. Obviously the more complex the project the longer the project is likely to take. Both your insurance company representative and the DLS project manager will keep you informed as best they can on the progress of the cleanup and the estimated completion date.

Are there provincial cleanup standards?
Yes. DLS complies with all legislation governing the appropriate remediation standards for residential fuel oil spills.

What about the health of our family?
The health of your family is paramount to DLS. Immediately upon arriving at your residence, DLS personnel will conduct a thorough risk assessment of the soil, water and interior air quality. If it is determined that there may be a risk to any member of your family, we will notify both you and your insurance company representative immediately so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect the health and well-being of you and your family. We will continue to monitor health risks throughout the project. Please feel free to ask us about any health concern you may have at any time.

What health & safety precautions will be carried out on site?
DLS manages all sites in compliance with both the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and Construction Regulations. A copy of the DLS Health & Safety Policy and a procedures manual is maintained on site. DLS will keep you and your family informed on a daily basis as to any construction hazards that may exist. Any sub-contractors brought on to the site will be qualified and experienced. All visitors and contractors are required to sign-in prior to accessing work areas. Appropriate fencing and signage will be utilized to protect all excavations and construction areas. For your own protection, please remain outside all barriers and obey all safety signage.

What about my privacy?
DLS and its employees recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of all your personally identifiable information. DLS has adopted a privacy policy that stipulates what can be done with any personal information it may obtain during the course of the project. Any concerns you may have regarding privacy can be discussed with either your project manager or insurance company representative.

Can I ask DLS any questions?
By all means. Please feel free to ask any questions you or any member of your family may have with regards to remedial activities. Please note that any questions you have regarding your insurance policy or insurance coverage must be addressed with your insurance company representative as DLS personnel are not qualified to deal with these matters.

What is LeVOCC and is it harmful while in operation?
LeVOCC is a unique state of the art air purification system. It is Greenspec Listed and has been used successfully on numerous fuel oil spill clean-ups. Home owners can safely remain in their home while work is conducted. You can learn about this product and its uses at

Questions you should ask

Questions for your insurance company:

  • Does this policy cover my legal responsibilities in the event of an oil spill on my property?
  • Am I covered in the event of a spill on a neighbouring property?
  • Can you explain the definitions contained in my policy to me?
  • What are my legal rights and responsibilities?

Questions for your environmental consultant/remediation contractor:

  • Do they have environmental remediation insurance?
  • Do they have environmental errors and omission insurance?
  • Do they have comprehensive commercial general liability insurance?
  • How will my property be remediated?  To pre-spill conditions?
  • Will my property value decrease because of a spill?
  • Will I be able to insure my property after it is remediated?
  • Will I receive copies of the assessment and remediation reports for my property?
  • Will the assessment/remediation include all impacts to soil, groundwater, air, building materials (e.g. floor slab, foundation blocks) and contents?

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