About DLS Group

DLS Group is an environmental consultant and contractor providing the best remediation solutions. In 1996 Douglas LeBlanc founded DLS Group. He was concerned about the industry’s typical approach to environmental losses, and wanted to do things differently.  He wanted to provide clients the best value possible. Fifteen years later DLS Group has remediated over 4500 contaminated sites.

Our remediation philosophy as it pertains to fresh spills centres on the one true fact that leaving ‘acceptable’ levels of residual contaminants present in the subsurface opens insurers and property owners up to the possibility of future litigation. For example, in Ontario, acceptable residual soil contamination levels at Brownfield sites have dropped significantly over the years. This means that a site remediated to such levels acceptable under old standards would likely still be considered to be contaminated by new and future standards.

Failure to meet the most stringent remediation standards has caused many companies problems. Since 1995, 90% of the environmental consulting firms in Canada have dissolved or merged with other companies. The primary reason for phenomenon is litigation and long-tail liability caused by their sub-standard work.

With our ability to respond quickly and to apply the right resources, we can solve our clients’ environmental problems and eliminate the potential for future problems due to changes in legislation. Our team of highly skilled project personnel, engineers and geoscientists communicate effectively with our clients throughout the remediation project, ensuring that informed decisions are made and project costs are controlled.

In addition to our professional services and contracting capabilities, DLS Group operates a number of soil recycling facilities. These facilities biologically treat soils impacted from both fuel and transformer spills, as well as those soils generated through Brownfield redevelopment. Soil once destined to take up valuable space within our landfills can now be diverted for beneficial reuse back on agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties.


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